Armed Forces and Government

ASVAB Information

Military Academies
The miitary academies are as follows
United States Military Academy - West Point, NY
Unites States Naval Academy - Annapolis, MD
United States Coast Guard Academy - New London, CT
United States Merchant Marine Academy - Kings Point, NY
United States Air Force Academy - Colorado Springs, CO
The application process is very rigorous and should be started during junior year.

Air Force

We turn the willing into the able, transforming purpose-driven recruits into Marines who make a difference. Only those who complete the most demanding training can accomplish the world's most demanding missions. If you seek our title, the path ahead will be one of great challenge. Prevail, and your proudest days will be realized.

Unparalleled career opportunities, experiences, and challenges draw some of the brightest and most skilled people into the Navy - while helping others realize potential they may not have even known they had. From the high-tech to the high-growth to the awe-inspiring, America's Navy offers careers and jobs that fit all backgrounds and interests. There are literally hundreds of distinct professional roles in dozens of exciting fields. And however you serve - as Enlisted or Officer, full-time or part-time - you'll find unrivaled training, support and experience in a career unlike any other.

The Army is the largest military branch in the United States. Its job is to protect the country and its citizens. In this section, you'll learn about the history of the Army, and about some common terms that you'll hear often as you explore your career options.

United States Coast Guard
The United States Coast Guard is a military, multimission, maritime service and one of the nation's five Armed Services. Its mission is to protect the public, the environment, and U.S. economic interests - in the nation's ports and waterways, along the coast, on international waters, or in any maritime region as required to support national security.