Staff Directory

Please Call 284-8300 and the extension number as indicated below

Please dial the direct numbers to contact the offices as indicated below:

Johnson, Jodie (284-5200) Principal Email Ms. Johnson
Griffiths, Courtney (284-5205) Associate Principal Email Ms. Griffiths
Griffis, Patrick (284-5253) Associate Principal Email Mr. Griffis
Benetto, Kimberly (284-5204) Team 4 Assistant Principal Email: Dr. Benetto
Heighberger, Brett (284-5203) Team 3 Assistant Principal Email Mr. Heighberger
Johnson, James (284-5202) Team 2 Assistant Principal Email Mr. Johnson
Alarcon, Angela (284-5201) Team 1 Assistant Principal Email Ms. Perkins
Stiteler, Patti (284-5200) Admin. Assistant Email Ms. Stiteler

Holland, Elizabeth (284-5234) Team 4 Email Ms. Holland
Jones, Courtney (284-5232) Team 2 Email Ms. Jones
Kirsch, Michelle (284-5231) Team 1 Email Ms. Kirsch
Lewis, Shakira (284-5233) Team 3 Email Ms. Lewis
*Trump, Elizabeth (284-5217) Team 2/4 Freshman Email Ms. Trump
Belizaire, Donovan (284-5237) Team 1/3 Freshman Email Mr. Belizaire

Bonewitz, Debbie (284-5203) Team 3 Email Ms. Bonewitz
May, Tangeana (284-5206) Receptionist/Team 5 Email Ms. May
Schubert, Denise (284-5204) Team 4 Email Ms. Schubert
Wren, Alana (284-5207) Financial Clerk Email Ms. Wren
Wells, Beverly (284-5201) Team 1 Email Ms. Wells
Fuertes-Yost, Daphne (284-5202) Team 2 Email Ms. Fuertes-Yost

Hill, Troy - (284-8157) Home/School Counselor Email Mr. Hill
Anderle, Jacquie - (284-5217) College/Career Implementation Specialist Email Ms. Anderle
Burnett, Erik (284-8390) Team 1/3 Home Counselor Email Mr. Burnett
Brown, Tony (284-8180) Team 2/4 Home Counselor Email Mr. Brown
Neubauer, Molly (TBD) Behavior Reinforcement/Implementation Email Ms. Neubauer
Torres, Armando (TBD) Mental Health Counselor/Social Worker Email Mr. Torres
Valles, Steven, (284-8300) Community Engagement Liaison Email Mr. Valles
West, James (284-5227) Student Engagement Liaison Email Mr. West

Simons, JR 284-5209 Email Mr. Simons

Beck, Heather (High School Athletic Director) (284-8257) Email Ms. Beck
Siwierka, Mathew (Middle School Athletic Director) (284-8257) Email Mr. Siwierka
Moran, Jackie (Admin. Assistant) (284-8257) Email Ms. Moran