Staff Directory

Please Call 284-8300 and the extension number as indicated below

*indicates Department Chairperson


Culliver, Devlin (11402) Email Mr. Culliver
Filipiak, John (19103) Email Mr.Filipiak
Lowery, Kara (11062) Email Ms. Lowery
*Rainey, Mel (11404) Email Mr. Rainey

Corfman, Craig (11417) Email Mr. Corfman
Costa, Anthony (11405) Email Mr. Costa
Fotinos, Maria (11413) Email Ms. Fotinos
Holland, Terron (11411) Email Ms. Holland
Larrick, Brett (11415) Email Mr. Larrick
*Morgan, Ryan (11412) Email Mr. Morgan
West, Michael (19056) Email Mr. West

Brenckle, Jason (11426) Email Mr. Brenckle
Brinda, Matt (11428) Email Mr. Brinda
Budd, Patricia (11439) Email Ms. Budd
Davy, Karen (11441) Email Ms. Davy
Früh, Rebecca (11444) Email Ms. Früh
Graves, Robert(11429) Email Mr. Graves
Hejny, Lacey (11432) Email Ms. Hejny
Horton, Kathleen (11434) Email Ms. Horton
Johnson, Kerrie (11435) Email Ms. Johnson
*Kuck, Terri (11436) Email Ms. Kuck
Lastafka, Dawn (11437) Email Ms. Lastafka
McLaughlin, Melanie (11438) Email Ms. McLaughlin
Mericle, Jude (20096) Email Mrs. Mericle
Perkins, Angela (11440) Email Ms. Perkins
Stanley, Melissa (11427) Email Ms. Stanley
Wilson, Mitzi (11433) Email Ms. Wilson


McMinn, Jen (11452) Email Ms. McMinn

Fenik, Ken (11476) Email Mr. Fenik
Gallo, Jennifer (11410) Email Ms. Gallo
Hamilton, Steve (11477) Email Mr. Hamilton
Maiden, Jennifer (20092) Email Ms. Maiden

Grant, Michael (11533) Email SFC Grant
Jenkins, Roy (11531) Email Lt. Col. Jenkins
Lococo, Chris (11523) Email CSM Lococo

Banyasz, David (11486) Email Mr. Banyasz
Burns, Cathy (11501) Email Ms. Burns
Daniels, Katherine (11490) Email Ms. Daniels
Goodwin, Dominique (20064) Email Mr. Goodwin
Fryberger, Alexa (11505) Email Ms. Fryberger
Kearney, Philip (11420) Email Mr. Kearney
Meredith, Debra (11499) Email Ms. Meredith
*Moore, Elizabeth (11491) Email Ms. Moore
Pearce, Brad (11493) Email Mr. Pearce
Pokorny, Amanda (11421) Email Ms. Pokorny
Shaw, Ronald (11508) Email Mr. Shaw
Shorte, LeAnn (11496) Email Ms. Shorte
Sikora, Summer (11494) Email Ms. Sikora
Talarico, Alicia (11502) Email Ms. Talarico
Vranic, Steven (11495) Email Mr. Vranic
Watson, Dawn (20135) Email Ms. Watson

Bondizio, Kalee (11521) Email Ms. Bondzio
Behrendt, Adam (11525) Email Mr. Behrendt
Behrendt, Erin (11416) Email Ms. Stetler
Putka, Aaron (11522) Email Mr. Putka
Smith, Gregory (11523) Email Mr. Smith

Banyasz, James (11556) Email Mr. Banyasz

Bechtel, Jennifer (11553) Email Ms. Bechtel
Brillhart, Beau (11537) Email Mr. Brillhart
Cahill, John (11538) Email Mr. Cahill
Coates, Deidra (11554) Email Ms. Coates
Daniels, Matthew (11539) Email Mr. Daniels
Fontenot, Rachel (11540) Email Ms. Fontenot
Hammond, Linda (11541) Email Ms. Hammond
Krasovic, David (11544) Email Mr. Krasovic
Kropinak, Christine (11545) Email Ms. Kropinak
Pros, Helen (11548) Email Ms. Pros
Rudy, Carolyn (11497) Email Ms. Rudy
Secaur, Jeremy (11551) Email Mr. Secaur
*Smith, Jennifer (11542) Email Ms. Smith
Stape, Jeannine (11552) Email Ms. Stape

Bechtel, Brett (11564) Email Mr. Bechtel
Belcher, Amanda (11565) Email Ms. Belcher
Bier, Jane (11566) Email Ms. Bier
Biltz, Tina (11536) Email Ms. Biltz
*Dargo, Carey (11567) Email Ms. Dargo
Gott, Jeff (11568) Email Mr. Gott
Jablonski, Matt (11569) Email Mr. Jablonski
Johnson, Megan (11561) Email Ms. Johnson
Pagenstetcher, Scott (11571) Email Mr. Pagenstecher
Prechtel, Trista (11572) Email Ms. Prechtel
Runion, Ann (11573) Email Ms. Runion
Siwierka, Mathew (11562) Email Mr. Siwierka
Vicha, Regina (11574) Email Ms. Vicha
Wallace, John (11575) Email Mr. Wallace

Abraham, Alexandria (11584) Email Ms. Miller
Cain, Leslie (11581) Email Ms. Cain
Caldwell, Victoria (11598) Email Ms. Caldwell
Callahan, Susan (11582) Email Ms. Callahan
Calvanese, Stephanie (TBD) Email Ms. Calvanese
Cieszynski, Lisa (11583) Email Ms. Cieszynski
*Corp, Kevin (20029) Email Mr. Corp
Davis, Laurie (TBD) Email Ms. Davis
Diederick, Megan (19175) Email Ms. Diederick
Geiger, Jessica (11585) Email Ms. Geiger
Goodsite, Sharon (11602) Email Ms. Goodsite
Griffith, Jennifer (19078) Email Ms. Moujaes
Kirk, Denise (11593) Email Ms. Kirk
Latham, Grace (11590) Email Ms. Latham
Mastellone, Maison (20041) Email Ms. Mastellone
Mikhael, Kimberly (11599) Email Ms. Mikhael
Romantic, Taylor (19237) Email Ms. Romantic
Shouse, Jennifer (11610) Email Ms. Shouse
Smosny, Dee (11601) Email Ms. Smosny
Underwood, Sandy (20130) Email Ms. Underwood
Wervey, Dan (11605) Email Mr. Wervey
Wise, Nichole (11591) Email Ms. Wise

Walsh, Mike (11627) Email Mr. Walsh

Burkey, Andrea (11465) Email Ms. Burkey
Frangela, Lauren (11408) Email Ms. Frangela
*Gilmore, Maria (11464) Email Ms. Gilmore
Irizarry Seda, Isela (11463) Email Ms. Irizarry Seda
Krava, Emily (11407) Email Ms. Krava
McLoughlin, Hannah (11468) Email Ms. McLoughlin
Radden, Erica (11466) Email Ms. Radden
Rusch, Chrysty (11467) Email Ms. Rusch

Frabotta, Melissa (284-5208) Email Ms. Frabotta

Sweeney, Laura (TBD) Email Ms. Sweeney

Benetto, Kimberly (284-5227) Principal Email Dr. Benetto
Galloway, Heidi (284-5228) Intervention Specialist Email Ms. Galloway
Naymik, Tracey (284-5229) Counselor Email Ms. Naymik
Rojas, Teresa (284-5230) Secretary Email Ms. Rojas

Hill, Karen (48041) Email Ms. Hill

Buchanan, Gwyn (11608) Email Ms. Buchanan

Please dial the direct numbers to contact the offices as indicated below:

Brown, Tim (284-5200) Principal Email Mr. Brown
Griffiths, Courtney (284-5205) Team 1 Associate Principal Email Ms. Griffiths
Heighberger, Brett (284-5203) Team 3 Assistant Principal Email Mr. Heighberger
Taylor, Ryan (284-5204) Team 4 Assistant Principal Email Mr.Taylor
Kalamaz, Katie (284-5202) Team 2 Assistant Principal Email Ms. Kalamasz
Owca, Julie (284-5207) Assoc. Principal Email Ms. Owca
Velazquez, Vince (284-5201) Team 1 Principal Email Mr. Velazquez
Stiteler, Patti (284-5200) Admin. Assistant Email Ms. Stiteler

Burke, James (284-5232) Team 2 Email Mr. Burke
Holland, Elizabeth (284-5234) Team 4 Email Ms. Holland
Kirsch, Michelle (284-5231) Team 1 Email Ms. Kirsch
Lewis, Shakira (284-5233) Team 3 Email Ms. Lewis
*Trump, Elizabeth (284-5217) Team 2/4 Freshman Email Ms. Trump
Belizaire, Donovan (284-5237) Team 1/3 Freshman Email Mr. Belizaire

Bonewitz, Debbie (284-5203) Team 3 Email Ms. Bonewitz
Rojas, Teresa (284-5206) Receptionist/Team 5 Email Ms. Rojas
Schubert, Denise (284-5204) Team 4 Email Ms. Schubert
Soulchin, Ila (284-5207) Treasurer Email Ms. Souchin
Wells, Beverly (284-5201) Team 1 Email Ms. Wells
Wren, Alana (284-5202) Team 2 Email Ms. Wren

Hill, Troy - (284-8157) Home/School Counselor Email Mr. Hill
Anderle, Jacquie - (284-5217) College/Career Readiness Email Ms. Anderle
Burnett, Erik (284-8390) Team 1/3 Home Counselor Email Mr. Burnett
Brown, Tony (284-8180) Team 2/4 Home Counselor Email Mr. Brown
Valles, Steven, (284-8300) Community Engagement Liaison Email Mr. Valles
West, James (284-8300) Student Engagement Liaison Email Mr. West

Simons, JR 284-5209 Email Mr. Simons

Beck, Heather (Athletic Director) (284-8256) Email Ms. Beck
Moran, Jackie (Admin. Assistant) (284-8257) Email Ms. Moran