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New news for the Classes of 2023:

Next year you are eligible for Early Release and Late Arrival! You can stop by your team office to get a form or you can print it here.

A parent can also call or email your team counselor and give verbal permission for a release ID. Counselor emails and phone numbers can be found on the Elyria High School website under “Guidance.”

2023-2024 Program of Studies and Scheduling

The course of study puts you in the know! Find it here!

Student Absence/Permit to Leave:

To call in a student absence, request a permit to leave, talk to a counselor or assistant principal, leave a message for the student or any other reason, please call:

  • Team 1 - Ms. Wells - 284-5201
  • Team 2 - Mrs. Schubert - 284-5202
  • Team 3 - Mrs. Bonewitz - 284-5203
  • Team 4 - Mrs. Wren - 284-5204
  • Team 5 - Ms. May - 284-5230
  • Ready access to the ins and outs of Elyria High School: Take a look at the Entrance-Parking Map
  • (Late Arrival Student Entrance is through a student's designated grade-level door.)